At No Limits Outdoors we pride ourselves in having a very friendly and knowledgeable staff who have many years of experience in their “fields”.

  • Andrew Steffen is the man in charge of the operation. He loves the outdoors and waterfowl hunting is his #1 passion. With bowhunting running a strong #2. He is also a seasoned fisherman as well. He is a Certified Bow Technician and can help with all aspects of the outdoors.
  • Adam Steffen loves the outdoors as well and fishing is his specialty. All though he doesn’t pass up the chance to shoot something either. He is the manager of No Limits Outdoors and can help customers in many ways. He knows alot about every aspect of the outdoors. Fishing, hunting, camping, and archery. Adam is very good at all the things he does. A Certified Bow Technician as well. He will get ya shooting.
  •  Tyane Baker is our little miss all around. She enjoys open water fishing, and getting to know people. She is great to deal with, and she always does her best to help the customers with what they are looking for. Very knowledgeable on many things to do with the outdoors.
  •  Bill Knoer is also a military veteran. A former U.S. Army Ranger, and current National Guard member. Bill has served, and is still serving his country proudly. He is always helping people, whether here at No Limits or at his full time job at an area hospital, Bill enjoys people. He loves his Glocks!

Together Andy, or Adam can get you into a new or used bow and also answer any questions you might have about archery. They are two of the best Certified Bow Technicians in the area. Stop in and let Andy, Adam, Tyane or Bill help you with anything firearms related. We all enjoy your company. As you can see our staff has been handpicked to know all things outdoors and they are ready to share their knowledge with you. So come on in to No Limits Outdoors. We hope to see you soon!