No Limits Outdoors carries all the brands of firearms you know and trust. With well over 400 new and used firearms in stock we are sure to find a firearm to fit you, and your budget. Don’t have what your looking for? No problem, No Limits Outdoors has the resources to order just about any firearm for you with great turnaround time, and better prices then the competition. So stop in to No Limits Outdoors today and see the selection. You won’t be dissappointed.

Firearm Transfers are welcome as well. Please read the following.

No Limits Outdoors
212 11th Street SW Plaza
Spencer, IA 51301
Transfer Fees:
Any Single Firearm(Hangun/Long Gun)-$30.00ea. Transfer Fee
Any 2 or more Pistols/Revolvers-$40.00ea. Transfer Fee
Any Combination of Handgun/Long Gun.(Not including 2 or more Pistols/Revolvers)-$35.00 Flat Transfer Fee
No Limits Outdoors will contact customer once firearm is ready to be picked up. DO NOT call, or SHOW UP just because you have gotten tracking confirmation that your firearm has been delivered to us. Just because it may be delivered does not mean it is ready for you to pick up, we get multiple shipments of merchandise daily. No guarantees that the day it arrives you will be able to pick it up. No Limits Outdoors has requirements on our end as well for firearms that are shipped here. No Limits Outdoors will do the best we can to get you your firearm in a timely manner.
No Limits Outdoors is required to confirm serial number of firearms shipped to us. Therefore all packages will be opened by No Limits Outdoors for verification. If you are not wanting this to happen then you should not choose No Limits Outdoors for your firearm transfer. We will not wait for customer to be present before opening the package for verification. 
No Limits Outdoors is not responsible for any damage, repair, or replacement of shipped firearm to us. You the customer elected to buy online therefore you have accepted the risk of what could happen during the shipping process. We recommend you elect to pay for shipping insurance of the value of the firearm you ordered to be shipped.
Thank You.
No Limits Outdoors